Hello all,

As we count down the final days to the MAMA opener, we have a couple announcements for the 2017 season.

As in years past…..you must have a MAMA membership to race with MAMA. This can be either the annual membership available or the one day membership. For the one day membership, there will be a form which will need to be filled out at EVERY race. For the annual membership, you will have to fill out the MAMA application once. To be eligible for year end awards, you MUST HAVE THE ANNUAL membership. You will NOT be able to purchase one day memberships and convert them to an annual membership. You will be required to purchase the $40 annual membership and the one day memberships will not be credited towards the $40.

In addition to the 125, 250 and Open A class 100% and 25+ 80% payout at each race, we will also do a 80% payout for the Senior Open, Super Senior Open and 50+. There will be no point cards or rain checks issued for any of the payout classes. In addition, you can not use rain checks to pay for entry into these classes.

In the case which there are more bikes entered into a class that the track has starting gates, MAMA will be running a Heat, LCQ, Main format. This will put MAMA more in line with the way AMA recommends the racing be ran and will make the factory contingency payouts correct. This format is how most other races are ran.

Speaking of factory contingencies; MAMA has the following manufacturers on board for the 2017 season. Please refer to their website for the details/instructions for each brand.

Husqvarna will offer all 13 races www.racehusky.com
Suzuki will offer 9 races www.racesuzuki.com
Honda will offer 6 races www.xtrm.com/contingency/honda/index.asp
Yamaha will offer 5 races www.yamahamotorsports.com/sport/pages/blu-cru-off-road-membership-benefits
Kawasaki will offer 4 races www.kawasaki.com/racing/team-green/contingency

Along with these contingencies, our sponsors and vendors will be offering various prizes throughout the season.

If you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to email me at president@mamamx.com.

We thank you for your continued support and I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Charles Sviland