We have been working hard the past few weeks to prepare for our first race and looking forward to seeing our MAMA family again this weekend, unfortunately will have to wait until March 25-26 at Tomahawk. We have been fielding calls from many members throughout the day, many with the concerns of the predicted freezing temperatures overnight and the possibility of rain/snow. We have talked to our Board members and track crew about working outside all day. The decision to postpone our opener does not come easily and is based on many factors, including;
· Track conditions – riding and racing on frozen, or worse, partially frozen ground can be really treacherous. The track may not be frozen all day but for practice it will be.
· The safety of our riders – not only on the track, but the travel to and from the track.
· Bike maintenance – running a bike in the freezing cold temperatures may cause damage to motors.
· Camping – below freezing temps at night could cause damage to campers and water tanks.
· Fiduciary responsibility – to run an event involves many up front costs. We must cancel within a certain time so we don’t incur undo costs.
· Staff – having enough flaggers willing to work in the cold so we can race and the welfare of those flaggers and our MAMA staff during a 9 hour race day.
We apologize in advance, but believe with the information we have at this time regarding weather including temperatures, the risk outweigh the rewards and the decision to cancel is better for the organization and our members.
We look forward to seeing everyone in Tomahawk.

Charlie Sviland