September 13, 2017

Dear MAMA Members:

Thank you for participating in the MAMA Annual Board of Directors election. The balloting concluded on October 8, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.; by a majority vote of members the following board members were elected to two-year terms beginning immediately after the Annual Banquet:

Brian Callahan, Director

Todd Stith, Director

Mike Superczynski, Director


The 2018 MAMA Board of Directors:

Nicole King – President (2018-2019)
Rich Hutchins – Vice President (2017-2018)
Mary Jean Callahan – Secretary (2018-2019)
Bonnie Garraway – Treasurer (2017-2018)
DJ Johnson – Head Referee (2017-2018)
Brian Callahan – Director (2018-2019)
Chris Garraway – Director (2017-2018)
Steve Jarrell – Director (2017-2018)
Chuck Nigrin – Director (2017-2018)
Mike Supercznski – Director (2018-2019)
Todd Stith – Director (2018-2019)


If you should have any questions, please contact Charles Sviland, President by email at or Nicole King, Secretary/President-Elect by email at



Charles Sviland