A Note from the President:

As MAMA enters its 43rd year of competition, the Board of Directors and Staff are committed to providing our members the safest, most organized motocross races possible. MAMA continues our legacy of catering to the youth racers, at the same time offering classes for all ages and skill levels, beginner through senior riders.

We are all looking forward to the 2018 Race Series and excited to be partnering with WMX, Masters MX, MDRA and D13. Partnering with other organizations will bring larger gates and healthy competition for all. Though the race structure may be different within the organizations, each organization is committed to making the best racing possible for all of our members. Details for the combo races will be shared well in advance of each race weekend. MAMA will continue to run ALL of the same classes for those races.

The most significant change members will see in the 2018 Series Schedule of Events is to the Saturday program format. We will run a Saturday Round 1 Practice, Moto 1, Moto 2, Round 2 Practice format. Depending on the day and if time allows, there could possibly be an additional round of practice. Here are just a few advantages of this format; the possibility of a third round of practice; racing on peak track conditions; the opportunity to end the race day earlier to allow for families to return home or participate in family fun time and/or MAMA events. The race fees, class structure and Sunday program will remain the same as last year.

Thank you for your continued support of MAMA. Please let me or any of our Board members know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing everyone March 31st.

Nicole King