August 7, 2018

Dear MAMA Members:

On behalf of the MAMA Board President, Nicole King, we invite you to participate in the
Annual Meeting of the Membership and the election process of the MAMA Board of Directors.

Annual Meeting of the Membership
Race #8
Budds Creek MX
Saturday, August 11 at 6:30p.m. – 7:30p.m.
Sign-up building (please bring a chair)

Board of Directors Nominations: Pursuant to the By-Laws, current MAMA members will nominate the Officers and Directors of the Board at Race #8
Budds Creek MX August 11-12 during sign-up hours

Officer Elections: Pursuant to the By-Laws, voting will take place by the MAMA Board of Directors at Race #9
VMP Saturday, August 25

Director Elections: Pursuant to the By-Laws, voting will take place by the MAMA members at Race #10
Pagoda September 8-9 during sign-up hours

MAMA members under 18 years of age will receive one (1) ballot, to be submitted by one designated adult family member. Single members 18 years of age or older will receive one (1) ballot. MAMA Members must nominate/vote in person.

The newly elected Board of Directors will assume office immediately after the annual banquet is held.

Current MAMA Board Members (BOLD indicates expiring term):

Name Term Expires Position

Nicole King 2019 President
Rich Hutchins 2018 Vice President
Bonnie Garraway 2018 Treasurer
Mary Jean Callahan 2019 Secretary
DJ Johnson 2018 Head Referee
Brian Callahan 2019 Director
Chris Garraway 2018 Director
Stephen Jarrell 2018 Director
Chuck Nigrin 2018 Director
Todd Stith 2019 Director
Michael Superczynski 2019 Director

We look forward to seeing you at Budds Creek and your participation in MAMA’s Annual Membership meeting and Board of Directors election process.If you should have any questions, please contact Nicole King, President by email at or Mary Jean Callahan, Secretary by email at


Mary Jean Callahan